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Let’s Explore Devrai Art Village - Best Of Panchgani

Devrai Art Village In Panchgani
Let’s Explore Devrai Art Village - Best Of Panchgani (Photo by Devrai Art Village)

Panchgani is one of the famous hill stations in Maharashtra. Located in Satara District, is near Mumbai, Pune and their nearby cities and suburbs. The name Panchgani means “Land between the five villages”. It is known for its pleasant weather, natural beauty, waterfalls and lakes. Mapro Garden is an iconic signature of the hill station, known for its strawberries, fruit-based products and restaurant.

However, there is one place which many people don’t know about, but it should be explored. The Devrai Art Village is a non-profit initiative that works towards promoting and preserving indigenous art, craft and tribal livelihood.


Devrai Art Village was founded as a shared vision between Mandakini Mathur, a filmmaker, teacher, writer and poet and Suresh Pungati - an art teacher and award-winning Adivasi from the Maida Tribe.

In 2008, they mentored three ‘Dhokra Artists’ from the Naxalite-affected Gadchiroli region. They worked under a Ficus tree at Devrai. Soon, the master craftsmen from Chattisgarh joined them as well. This is how the vision became reality and the Devrai art village was born.


Devrai Art village believes in promoting indigenous art and culture to the modern population. India is a living civilization, with diverse art and culture. The philosophy of Devrai Art Village is to innovate with new designs and styles while staying rooted in tradition.

Another main objective is to provide sustenance to the traditional artisans and craftsmen. Devrai Art Village serves both the art and the artist. From 3 craftsmen in 2008, the Devrai community has grown into a community of 50+ artisans, men and women. The young craftsmen start off as apprentices and then become master craftsmen in their own right.

Art Forms

Devrai Art Village specialized in several forms of art. Let us explore each of them to understand the immense contribution the village makes to art and craft.

Devrai Rock Dhokra

Devrai Art Village In Panchgani has many unique art forms.
Devrai Rock Dhokra (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

An innovation from the Devrai Art Village, Devrai Rock Dhokra involves fusing stone and brass together using the lost wax technique under stringent temperature conditions to form a unified whole.

There are many sculptures made with this technique throughout the village. Some of them are the figures of a gun, Shivling, Mohenjodaro seal, wild buffalo and many others.

Beaten Iron Craft

Beaten Iron Craft is a unique art style in Devrai Art Village.
Beaten Iron Craft (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

Inspired by the iron craft of Bastar, the iron craft takes a new form in the Devrai Art Village. The Devrai form combines it with other mediums such as wood, stone, brass, copper, etc. It combines tradition with modern style and inspiration. Some of the crafts are quite innovative and break boundaries while being grounded in tradition.

Fusion Dhokra

Fusion Dhokra artstyle in Panchgani.
Fusion Dhokra (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

An innovation from the Rock Dhokra, the Fusion Dhokra combines several other materials such as terra cotta, ceramic, glass, and even other metals. The innovations in this form give way to beautiful craft!

Metal Murals and Paintings

Metal Murals And Paintings
Metal Murals And Paintings (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

Metal murals and paintings are created by pouring molten brass into the ground to form abstract shapes. These hand-crafted abstract shapes are used in combination with paintings. The combination is one of the most beautiful forms of art in Devrai Art Village.

Tumba Art

Tumba Art in Devrai Art Village. Devrai is an art village in Panchgani.
Tumba Art (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

The Tumba Art form uses dried gourd to make unique crafts inspired by motifs, stories and myths. The Tumba has been turned into a flowerpot, puppets and even lamps!

Organic Casting

Organic Casting
Organic Casting (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

With organic casting, natural objects such as leaves, grass, branches, seashells etc get cast and then transformed into beautiful metal objects.

Jewellery Art

Jewellery Art in Panchgani.
Jewellery Art (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

One may be aware of jewellery art, however, Devrai Art Village goes one step further by making jewellery out of broken crockery, pottery, and various other unique materials.

Natural Paintings

Natural Paintings in Panchgani at Devrai Art Village.
Natural Paintings (Photo By Devrai Art Village)

The natural painting style uses dried flowers, leaves, grasses and tree bark. Many themes, stories and designs are explored in this art style.

With so many unique art forms to explore, you should check out the Devrai Art Village when you come to visit Panchgani. Since 2008, the vision of promoting indigenous art and craft has made the art village one of the best places to visit in Panchgani. With so much to offer, it makes Panchgani even better!

Devrai Art Village Address

Devrai, Panchgani CHS, opposite On Wheelz Amusement Park, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805.

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Devrai Art Village - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Devrai Art Village located? Devrai Art Village is located in Panchgani, opposite On Wheelz Amusement Park.

When was it founded?

Devrai Art village was founded in 2008 under Mandakini Mathur and Suresh Pungati. They started with three craftsmen and the village has grown further.

Does Devrai Art Village have a workshop?

Yes, Devrai Art Village has a workshop where artisans work, The visitors can see their work and also interact with them.

Do they create customized work for clients?

Yes, Devrai Art Village creates for clients large installations of garden sculptures and mural ideas, indoors and outdoors.

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